Diana, Princess of Wales


princess diana

Princess Diana was the first wife of Prince Charles as of their marriage at St Pauls Cathedral in London, 29th July 1981.

A fashion icon throughout her life, this photograph shows her wearing a black pleated chiffon dress, with floating side panel, by Christina Stamboulian, during a party given at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1996. This dress was also known as ‘The Revenge Dress’ as she was seen wearing it on the night Prince Charles admitted adultery on a TV show.

Diana was said to “reflect the times” through her fashion choices – the dress is elegant and sleek – showing off her shoulders and pulling in her waist. It’s an iconic photo of the princess; taken by Jayne Fincher who was a professional and royal photographer for almost 20 years and capturing many memorable photos of Princess Diana.

July 1, 1961- August 31, 1997

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It doesn’t need much of an introduction…

The film version of the book – written by Roald Dahl – was released in 1996. 1996 was also the year of Mission: Impossible and 101 Dalmations which were both in the top ten highest-grossing films of the year.

I remember sitting in my room for ages after watching the film, trying to move pens and pencils and pour myself milk telekinetically (as I’m sure every child did). I sat in numerous lessons praying for a glass of water to tip onto my teacher or to be able to do long division in my head.

Roald Dahl was possibly one of the most influential children’s author of all time. Accompanied by the simple illustrations from Quentin Blake, books and films like Matilda, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and The Twits became a must-have for every child (and adult!) everywhere.

Sadly, 1990 was the year of Dahl’s death – however he’s still very much a part of people’s lives now as much as he was for 74 years.

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Kate Moss


Kate Moss

This photo of Kate Moss shown in a 1990’s style leather jacket inspired me for my own photography.

The black and white effect and the high contrast makes the image dramatic and eye-catching – with the white background making Kate Moss stand out. This is something I have recreated in my own photography, and although my image is in colour, the colour scheme is very neutral and has a blue tint – giving it a cooler colour.

My photo inspired by this can be found on the page Charlotte Hilton Photography.

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My Mad Fat Diary


My Mad Fat Diary

A new series on Channel 4 follows the main character, Rae Earl, as she struggles to return back to normal life after being referred to a psychiatric hospital for self-harming.

The series has been carefully constructed in order to seamlessly reconstruct the 90’s fashion and attitudes, and achieves this with the help of the amazing soundtrack which includes songs from Oasis, Blur, The Cure and Radiohead, for example.

If you don’t already watch this, I highly recommend catching up. Its an incredibly eye-opening and engaging series which has perfectly recreated the decade.


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Shriek of the Week: Deee-Lite, “Groove Is in the Heart”

A club classic. The video depicts the 90’s fashion perfectly and I’m hoping to use it as inspiration for an upcoming shoot…


1,2,3, blooooooooo!

Back in the late ’80s and very early ’90s – not exactly a great time for music – what passed for popular music often consisted of cheesy, quirky house, hip-hop or dance music. This was the era of Vanilla Ice, the Humpty Dance, C+C Music Factory, Tone Loc, Wiggle It … you get the point. (And if you’re too young to remember those artists and songs, click on some of those links. You will not be disappointed. 1990 was hilarious.) Among this shockingly dated material lives one song that appeared at the time to be just another “Everybody Dance Now!” but has survived the test of time to stand as a genuinely great dance song nearly 25 years later. I present to you Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart“.


Listen to Groove Is in the Heart and there are some things…

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I decided to start blogging as part of my EP (extended project) at college, and over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about 90’s fashion, music and the lifestyle through pictures of my own, and by others.

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